The April Sneak Peek is ON the WAY

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If you have mailed and posted your blocks, your name and blocks should appear on one of the list on the At-a-Glance page and you should receive Sneak Peek email from me with information about the April Lotto Block.

If you cannot find your name on the list, the number of blocks attributed to you is wrong, OR you didn’t receive the Sneak Peek email from me, let me know ASAP.


For everyone else,  if you want to start considering making blocks in April, for each block, you’ll need three fabrics:

Background: White solid or white-on-white (WOW) prints

Plaid: Woven or printed plaids.  Here are some I am auditioning:

Contrast: A solid or tone-on-tone print (TOT) that coordinates and contrasts with the plaid


If you are not in the drawing this month (because you didn’t make blocks or are Cathy, Debra or Kate–who made and donated theirs) and would like to be the “winner picker” next Saturday, let me know.  You would need to be available on Saturday around NOON (US East coast time).



1 Comment

  1. I will trust whoever is the winner picker that they know I am lusting after those blocks!!!!! Yes I am……..they will have a wonderful home, full of fabric and dogs to curl up around and snuggle with. DiNozzo the OverEffusive Basset Hound gets chilly and likes triangles a lot!!


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