Block Lotto Inspiration

Posted by on April 27, 2013 in Inspiration, show and tell | 2 comments

I am the comfort quilt coordinator for our guild, and we put together fabric kits for our members to make charity quilts. I am always on the lookout for simple patterns which utilize the donated fabric we receive. One of my favorite sources of fabric are the sales samples which a local fabric representative gives us at the end of each season. Using the disappearing four patch pattern from the March, 2011 block lotto, and starting with forty eight 8″ squares, members create a great throw-size comfort quilt. Many of the ladies love this pattern and have dug into their own stash to create more comfort quilts. A win-win! As I was sorting through this year’s quilts to prepare for our delivery to the Hole in the Wall camp, I hung up six different quilts using this pattern. We will be delivering about 175 quilts to the camp in May, and each of the 1,000 + campers each summer will take home the quilt on their camp bed as a memento.  BL-0413d4pGallery

Thanks, Sophie for providing great inspiration and instructions!


  1. What a great photo … and a great collection of comfort quilts. I’m glad your group embraced your idea–they made some beautiful quilts from the simple block.

  2. What a neat photo of the all the quilts. They are wonderful!

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