Can 47 Quilters Keep a Secret?

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If you are one of the 47 quilters who have already made and posted photos of 210 Double Chevron blocks, you should have received email from me with a sneak peek at the information and block pattern for the February Block Lotto.

If you didn’t receive email from me, but have made blocks, first check your spam folder because email to 47 people may look like spam to your email program, then check the at-a-glance page to make sure I didn’t miss your blocks when you posted them.

And for those who didn’t make blocks (yet) for January, here’s the fabrics we will be using next month …

Fabrics for February

The color-way for blocks in February is maroon, orange, yellow, black and white.



  • White may be a solid or white-on-white (WOW) fabric.  If you make multiple blocks, you can use the same white fabric for all of them.
  • Black may be solid, black-on-black (BOB) print, or a black and white fabric that is predominately black.  If you make multiple blocks, you can use the same black fabric for all of them.

SampleFabricsEach block will also contain two of these three colors:

  • Maroon – a brownish red, may be solid, a tone-on-tone (TOT) print or other print that is predominately maroon.
  • Orange – may be solid, TOT or multicolor print that is predominately orange
  • Yellow – may be solid, TOT or multicolor print that is predominately yellow

Here are some yellow, orange and maroon fabrics I pulled from my stash for February.

If you make multiple blocks, you can repeat some of these fabrics, as long as each block is made from a unique 2-fabric combination.


  1. I have my fabrics ready to make the sneak peek this weekend. I think the color combination is great.

  2. I am so excited …these colours really resonate with me and are so uplifting for the cold, gray stormy and icy days we have been having since Christmas! A super nice perk to look forward to! Sophie you have scored !

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