… And the Lucky Winner is …

Posted by on October 1, 2014 in housekeeping | 3 comments

We made 71 blocks this month, not quite enough for two quilters to share, so the lucky winner is:


Sorry for the delay.  I haven’t even been thinking about getting a flu shot yet this year and … I ended up with the flu.  I’ve hardly out of bed for the past few days.


I will get the post with the October information up later tonight (if I can manage to stay upright) … but, in the meantime, for those that didn’t get the sneak peek, you can find the guidelines and block directions here:

Woven Bars Quilt Block Pattern


  1. So, so, sorry about your flu. My mother has been bugging me to get one and also a shingles shot. That’s what Mothers do, right? Remind us to take care of our health…even tho’ I’m 65! Here’s hoping that you have a fast, full, recovery. Cheers!

  2. Sophie,

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. We’ll all be hoping for a speedy recovery.

  3. OHhhh you poor little poor poor! So sorry you have the flu. I hope you recover quickly and are back at your design board creating wonderful things! I also wanted to thank you for the way you format each months block directions into a little pamphlet . I have collected them all and have them in their own binder. A real class act from a classy, creative lady! Thanks for all you do to give back to our community. Love ya….PK

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