The December Sneak Peek has been Mailed

Posted by on November 23, 2014 in housekeeping | 2 comments

If you have made and posted Easy-X blocks for November, you should have received sneak peek email from me with the information for making the December block.

If you have made blocks, but didn’t get the mail from me, let me know ASAP.  If you did NOT make and post blocks and got the mail by mistake, I’d also like to know about it (because it probably means I incorrectly gave you credit for someone else’s blocks).

As usual, I ask that everyone check my work and make sure that the numbers shown for you on the At-a-Glance page are correct.

For those who like to plan ahead (whether you received the sneak peek or not), here’s some tips for choosing fabrics:

The December block is easily made from layer cake or charm-sized pre-cuts.

In December, you may make and enter a maximum of 12 blocks.

The blocks are made from two fabrics:

  • BACKGROUND is a VERY DARK color (solid or tone-on-tone) or Black (solid or tone-on-tone
  • The second fabric is QUILTER’s CHOICE.

If you make multiple blocks, you can use the same BACKGROUND fabric in multiple blocks, but your Quilter’s Choice fabric must be unique in each block.


  1. I entered blocks, but did not get the sneak peek.

  2. Got it this AM Sophie – Thanks! I won’t give anyone hints, but I do have to say I LOVE IT!!! Too cute!

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