A New Pillow for Me … A Bonus Pattern for YOU

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GreenLeafCover-ScreenShotMy computer continues to “eat my photos.” I think the problem is with the Apple Photos application, but whatever/wherever it is, it’s darn frustrating.  However I DID manage to finally put together the official version of the block pattern this month … then noticed that some of the photos I had uploaded to Flickr to resize and use in the pattern are now no longer on my computer … grumble grumble grumble.

You can find the link and the coupon code to download the pattern for free this month in the May 1 post:

Green Leaves of May


I also added the virtual quilt to the post … if you sent me photos of blocks and they aren’t there it’s because of my mysterious disappearing block problem.  I shared all that I have (now). I didn’t go back and look through my mail for what I think are missing because, honestly, it’s all become much too frustrating.

If you follow the Block Lotto’s Facebook page, you may have seen that I recently made a pillow from some of this month’s blocks, a few more scrappy squares and a little appliqué.

I have included instructions for making the pillow as a bonus in the pattern. It has a quilted front and a quick-and-easy lapped back.

I attempted to include both the blocks and the pillow in a “blocks in the wild” photo.  Despite the time I have wasted outside with quilt blocks, pins and my camera, I never manager to take a photo I liked as the one my computer ate … but you get the idea.

Here’s a close look.



1 Comment

  1. Adorable pillow! Thank you. You know you don’t have to use the Apple photo stuff, don’t you? I bypass it all, and use Image Tricks to do any photo fixing I want.

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