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Sorry, but I have a couple housekeeping items to clear up before I can send out the mailing information for the December Hourglass Blocks.

First, Jude, please send me your mailing address (city, state only) and your email addy so I can complete my records. My email is: catkiz(at)Xmission(dot)com. Don’t forget that ‘X’ before “mission” – Xmission is shorthand for transmission. 🙂

I come up with a different block total than Nann did, and I’ve been over the posts twice and my addition three times. Here is a quick list. No need to let me know if your numbers are correct. However, if I’ve omitted you or some of your blocks, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, I will go with the total of 52 blocks (26 to each winner)

Cathy L (4), Cathy K (4), Nann (9), Carol (2), Jude (4), Karen N (3), Margaret (4), Kathie L (4), Vivi (2), Robin (4), Peggy (6), Karen B (6)

The mailing list should be emailed out to you later today (or when I get Jude’s email address).

One final thing: with Block Lotto ending, if you would like to stay in touch with others, please feel free to share your blog address or Instagram handle, if you have one or the other. I’ll start.

My blog is:

Instagram: @cathyk_inutah



  2. I haven’t participated sewingly in Block Lotto. But, I have enjoyed reading along, learning color theory, and gaining ideas of my own preferences for color, pattern, sashing, borders, etc.; plus adding some comments. I have thoroughly enjoyed this community, even from a distance. I am happy for the joy you all have gained making and sharing your blocks.
    I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for all your time, creativity, brain cells, and financial investment into spreading this craft and others’ skills further.

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