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We’ve made some great blocks over the many years of the Block Lotto. Here’s an alphabetic list. If you are looking for a block pattern or a design idea, you might find it here. The block names are linked to the block pattern instructions we used for the Block Lotto. Blocks with multiple commonly used names, like Sawtooth Star and Square & Points, will appear both ways.

bev Amish Dahlia (12 inch)

Bea's Amish House Block #Amish House (6 inch Template)

marcia Annie’s Choice (12 inch)

sophie Anvil (12 inch)

linda kArmy Star (12 inch)

Bev Arrowheads Block (12 inch)

Michelle's Asterisk Block #7 Asterisk Block (8 inch)

Sylvia (siblees) Attic Windows (7.5 inch)

unlabeledBow Tie (12 inch)

Bow Tie Block #2 Bow Tie (6 inch with square center)

Buckeye Beauty Block #2 Buckeye Beauty (6 inch)

Julie Broken Arrows (10 inch)

Cactus Block #9 Cactus Pot (6 inch)

stacy Christmas Quilt 2001 (8 inch)

kellyChurn Dash (12 inch)

Kate' s #3 Block for September Cracker Block (6 inch)

Wilma's Darting Birds Block #2 Darting Bird (6 inch)

Sophie Double 4-Patch (8 inch)

Michelle Double Wrench (10 inch)

Colene Dutchman’s Puzzle (12 inch)

Michelle Farmer’s Daughter (10 inch)

Michelle's Asterisk Block #7 Fireworks Block (8 inch)

Sophie's Jeweled Geese Block #7Flying Geese Variation (6 inch)

Terri_August4Framed Pinwheel (6 inch)

Jeni Goshen Star (10 inch)

Vanessa Grandmother’s Choice(10 inch)

karenGrandmother’s Fan (12 inch)

stacyGrandmother’s Favorite (12 inch)

Marsha Hard Times (10 inch)

Rho's Heart Blocks #1 Heart in a Snowball (6 inch)

Amy Hearth & Home (10 inch)

tammy Heavenly Stars (16 inch)

Pat Home Circle (10 inch)

Maker Unknown Hope of Hartford (10 inch)

Caroline's Liberated House #2 (Liberated) House (8 inch)

Sophie I-Spy Snowball Block (6 inch)

Michelle Johnny ‘Round the Corner (10 inch)

patriciaLaced Star (8 inch)

Laura' Log Cabin Block Log Cabin (6 inch)

Ginny  Block #3 RIGHT Log Cabin with Attitude (9 inch)

Sophie's Rose Block #2 Log Cabin Rose (9 inch)

Sophie Maple Leaf Block (9 inch)

Milky Way Block #2Milky Way (8 inch)

elaine Monkey Wrench (Snails Trail) (12 inch)

Lee Ann Nine O’Clock (10 inch)

Block #3 9-Patch in a Square (8-1/2 inch)

jana Odd Fellows Chain (16 inch)

karen Ohio Star Block (12 inch)

Sophie's Oklahoma Boomer Block Oklahoma Boomer (6 inch)

Debbie Pinwheel (8 inch)

Michelle_Polka_Dot_1 Polka Dot (6 inch)

Sherry Posy (8 inch)

Kim Prizes Block (12 inch)

Denise Queen Charlotte’s Crown (10 inch)

Sophie's Reeds Block - Black Background Reeds (7 inch)

Sophie's Rose Block #2 Rose (9 inch)

diana Saw Toothed Square (12 inch)

Terri Sawtooth Star (8 inch)

Sophie Scottie Dog (10 inch)

Kate Scrappy Basket (15 inch)

Heart #8 Scrappy Heart (6 inch)

Shoofly #2 Shoo Fly (6 inch)

16-Patch #1 Sixteen-Patch (6 inch)

elaine Snails Trail (Monkey Wrench) (12 inch)

sophie Snowball (12 inch)

Kate's Spool Block #1Spool Block (6 inch)

Kate's Asian Star #6Square and Points (6 inch)

pat Stamp Basket (12 inch)

sophieStarflower (12 inch)

Sophie's String Block Example #2String Block (6 inch)

Ginny  Block #3 RIGHT Strip Squares (9 inch)

Sophie's Tic-Tac-Toe Block #7TIc-Tac-Toe (8 inch)

Laura That 30’s Thing (10 inch)

Thrifty block #5Thrifty (6 inch)

Unknown maker Union Squares (12 inch)

Ginny's Variable Star #1(Liberated) Variable Star (9 inch)

Caroline's Violet #4Violet (4, 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 inches)

Sophie Watermill Block (10 inch)

Sophie Whirling Star (10 inch)

Sophie's Wonky Fly Block #6 Wonky Fly (8 inch)

Michelle's Yankee Puzzle Block #2 Yankee Puzzle (6 inch)


You can also see all the blocks, in chronological order, with links to all the photos of the blocks that were made for the lotto, in the Lotto Block Index posts.

If you find a bad/broken link or have questions about any of the blocks, please let me know. I’ll do my best to chase links from other sites or blogs.


  1. I remember making many of these patterns. I sure have had a good time with the Block Lotto!

  2. Great info. Lucky me I found your site by chance
    (stumbleupon). I’ve saved it for later!


  1. It reminded me of … | Block Lotto - [...] Block Patterns [...]

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