1. These are really cute Ginny! I need to dig out and find my 30's fabs! I painted my sewing room in April; moved everything out, and haven't gotten everything back in yet…procrastinator me. I rarely go upstairs, so don't see the mess littered down the hall and into the guest bedroom, so haven't been quick to clear things up. Better get started though; my DIL said she might me coming up week after next with the 4 kids. I don't want her to see the state of affairs there! I really want my sewing space cute and organized and uncluttered. I need hubs to put in shelving or something….today would be a good day to at least pull out the 30's tub…maybe put away everything in the path of the 30's tub as I go….good goal….wish me good success! 🙂

  2. Ginny, that star is one of my "go to" blocks–I love your interpretation. I've upped your block count. Our new total-so-far this month is 32 blocks.

  3. Very Nice!! I love that star pattern

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