Are You Ready to Brainstorm Block Lotto 2010?

Posted by on October 29, 2009 in blocks | 20 comments

Some sent email this morning asking if there would be a Block Lotto next year . . . because when we migrated from the forum to blog land I committed to continue through the end of the year and she thought I might have meant ONLY until the end of the year.

Well, I am here to stay as long as I have block ideas and quilters are here to continue to play with me.

This year has been all about traditional blocks. I’m thinking we might go in a less traditional, more technique-driven–some might say liberated–direction in 2010. What do you think? Is there a technique you’d like to try or colorway you think this group could love? Please leave a comment . . . I’m putting together our list for 2010 now.


  1. Hi,
    I would love to participate, but I don't know how…and I don't if I can, because I live in Portugal…

  2. I'd love to get a little more liberated in the block lotto, but I'm easily pleased lol! (I'm a lime green sort of gal, can we think about that?)

  3. Manuela, we'd love to have you join us–I've sent you email explaining how things work. Trudi, I have quite a collection of Lime greens and LOVE that idea . . . wonder if we're the only two?

  4. Count me in on lime greens…add aquas, rusts and golds…ahhh….heaven!

    How about some wonky stars ala bonnie hunter? Crumb blocks? I'm easy and willing for anything you throw our way!

  5. I love the blocks that are all in one main colorway

    I also have a TON of "old lady floral" fabric that I'd love to get rid of, I mean use =)

  6. Lime! I love it! I also love Aqua and red… and any kind of wonky block is right up my alley these days… I mean Liberated 🙂 I have to sit out this month and maybe next I have a ton of Christmas presents to finish.

  7. Personally, I am up for most options, liberated or repressed (LOL), modern or traditional, lime green or sage green. But I do think some funkier blocks would be fun, for a change if nothing else. The main problem I see (personally) with modern, funkier blocks in bright colours is I will end up with serious block envy most months 🙂

  8. No time to participate this month unfortunately as the blocks look gorgeous.
    For next year I am happy to follow the trend (and if you have a tip to buy *extra* time so I can participate each month, I'll take it as well).
    What about focusing on fabric theme (batiks, floral, complementary colours, etc) for some of the months?

  9. I was in a lotto once that did a year of jewel tones with black and it was very successful. I'd like to learn how to do curves…anyone else? Really, I'm having fun and I will go along with almost anything.

  10. Love Lime Green here too! Liberated blocks are a lot of fun. I have done stars, logcabins, shoo flies and more. Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran's 2 books are a great idea source for liberated blocks.

  11. I'm game for learning and trying most things once.

  12. I'm anxious to get back to the Lotto in December when I return to the U.S. I'm all for letting loose next year and being a bit more adventurous with color and 'liberated' blocks. It might be nice to have a color theme for the quarter so that if I make a few extra blocks for myself each month, they would go together for a table runner or a throw. Thanks for all the effort you put into organizing this monthly bit of fun!

  13. Sophie – I'm in for some non-traditional blocks next year and I could even make a block or two with lime. I'm not a black & bright person so if it was the theme for the whole year I don't see myself participating much.

    I always love the quilter's choice month where you choose the fabrics and we choose the blocks.

    I like the purple/green/white combo. Another idea is to have a color theme for the month like red & white in January for a Valentine theme, maybe make lime/green blocks in Feb for St. Pat's day, Spring colors, fall colors, patriotic. You get where I'm going.

    Maybe do different size blocks instead of a whole year of the same size each month. Since there are some new participants you could even use blocks from the past. I love those Scottie Dogs. 🙂

    That's my brain storming. You've always done a fantastic job and I know that will continue.


  14. I'd love to continue and do some new type of blocks with funky color combo's and maybe even different sized blocks that those that we've done in the past. Curves,puzzle parts, stars within stars and do I dare say applique…..? In other words, I'm in! S-t-r-e-t-c-h us to our block limits!!!! Thanks, for all of your hard work and all the effort it takes to make the Block Lotto so very successful!

  15. Maybe some scrappy bullseye blocks?

  16. I've been following this blog for a short time, and it looks interesting. Can new people join? If so, could I have some information about it?

  17. I'm also a blog follower & hope to participate.
    any type of block but maybe some fabric themes:
    1. Music
    2. Novelties- animals, toys, travel themes
    3. Cowboys , southwest
    4. Kaffe fassett colors
    5. 60s tie-dyed batiks , including lime green!!
    6 . 3- dimensional blocks like attic windows
    7. Kaleidoscope effects made with identical squares or triangles of a print and twirled on an axis (see the book one block wonders )
    8. Homespun

  18. I love brights, conversation or novelty prints, non-traditional blocks, and the evil word "applique"!
    I open to many different types of blocks and colors would love to continue with this lotto.
    Although I don't participate every month, I enjoy when I do and following along those other months.

  19. I would like to work in a larger block size
    Wonky stars in bright colors especially lime green ;o)
    Kaleidoscope Blocks
    Applique….One of my favorite sites is She has some easy patterns( check out the fish swap!)
    Crazy quilt type blocks
    New York Beauties
    Wonky/crooked houses
    Paper pieced blocks
    Pat K.

  20. I've always wanted to do a jar quilt, but didn't want to buy dozens of different novelty fabrics:

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