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Posted by on October 13, 2009 in blocks | 1 comment

Because, this month, all of our blocks need to fit together, almost like a tesselating pattern, it’s important that we all get the blue and yellow stars in the same location . . . and the black and white 4-patches all oriented correctly.

Being more than a little dyslexic myself, I thought I’d share my way of looking at the block.

Maybe it will help others or maybe it’s just my own unique way of seeing this block . . . either way, here are my tips for “getting this block right, ” every time.

1. I think of the block as a friendship star (with a 9-patch construction) in the upper left with a pieced sashing strip on the right side and bottom.

2. The friendship star is a blue star on a yellow background.

3. The black and white 4-patches are placed in the corners such that if you connected the dark squares, you would be drawing a circle around the blue friendship star.

4. When you add the pieces to the right side and bottom, you are creating partial friendship stars that are yellow stars on a blue background.

Yes, I am finally upright, though I am still coughing up stuff and feeling lousy . . . I cut some fabrics for blocks yesterday and managed to make this one today. I will try to get some formal directions on-line soon and update the side-bar etc. As I told someone in email, I feel bad that my icky case of the flu is hurting the block lotto this month because these blocks will make a great scrappy quilt for some winner . . . if we can manage to make enough of them 😉

1 Comment

  1. so glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! I have six blocks cut out and partially sewn… thanks for the tips.

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