January blocks – my first ones!

Posted by on January 3, 2010 in blocks | 5 comments

Hi ladies – here are my 9 January lotto blocks. I am so excited to join you all – this is my very first lotto – yay!!! I am also going to make an extra block each month for me. I’ll put them into a sampler quilt at the end of the year, so whether I win blocks or not, I’ll still have a fun quilt to put together and year-end!

Happy New Year and good luck to everyone,


  1. Your blocks look great! I've added them to the list; our new total so far is 94.

    Welcome to the block Lotto. I'm glad you've joined us.

  2. A very clever idea – make an extra block each month and have a sampler at the end of the year!
    Wish I had thought of that last year. Oh well, there's always this year.

  3. Gail, you can always go back and revisit last year's blocks (or the year before that or the year before that LOL), that's why I have spent the last few days working on the Lotto Block Index posts (I'm working on the last year now). In those posts, I added links to the patterns we used for each block, to make it easy to choose a colorway for yourself and have your own Block-of-the-Month experience.

    I always thought that the 6" blocks would make a great row quilt . . . and may make one myself . . . some day.

    If you make extra blocks for yourself this year, keep in mind that they aren't all going to be be the same size (or shape). It may take some liberated thinking to design your sampler.

    I have started 3 Lotto Block quilts and 2 are still in-progress (I'm pathetic about finishing things). But, I am also planning to design a quilt around this year's blocks. Maybe I'll even finish it in time for the tenth anniversary of the Block lotto in 2012 😉

  4. I love your colors!

  5. That's such a GREAT idea to make a sampler at the end of the year!

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