TicTacToe all arrived safely

Posted by on February 28, 2010 in blocks | 2 comments

I’ve been away from home for most of the month, and arrived back to an huge pile of post – I cherrypicked what I thought would be the blocks envelopes – and this is what I’ve got – 48 (plus a dud one I didn’t enter of my own) gloriously coloured blocks – all the right size, all beautifully sewn (whoever did the handsewing with ends finished so the second cut worked is a genius!), and in an amazing range of brights and WOWs.  It’s given me an education in what quilting fabrics there are out there!

Sorry for the bad pic (and the boxes on the floor), it’s a small room and there’s too much other stuff for me to move the dining table out of the way at the moment.  I’m having a ruthless clearout that is emptying the cupboards quicker than it’s going out the door – and significant floor coverage is the distressing result!


  1. Glorious! I had to blow it up to find mine, but I see them in there! How fun!

    I'm out of time for this month, but hopefully will play again in March.

  2. I know you're going to have fun, fun, fun putting these together … and I can't wait to see the results.

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