Another Setting Idea

Posted by on March 14, 2010 in blocks | 3 comments

Melody Johnson shared her sister Brooke’s quilt in progress on her blog,  Fibermania . . .  and I immediately thought of our blocks and what a cool setting this might be for them.

You can read more about it here, Brooke Comes to Visit.  It’s interesting that her blocks are made from warm colors (the opposite of ours), but she uses blue in all her cornerstones and the border.   I really like her liberated sashing between the blocks . . . I like it A LOT.


  1. Very nice.. very nice.

  2. Ruminating on colours over breakfast – I suspect the reason the blue works so well with the warm colours is it's a 'scrappy' variation on the complementary scheme 'blue & orange' – being one primary & the secondary on the opposite side of the wheel.

    With a wide range of 'warm' and a single blue. Using a wide range of warm, from red/pink to orange to yellow is an analagous colour scheme (two primaries, one secondary) – being three in a row from the wheel. The blue is the primary complementary to the orange (middle analagous).

    So taken logically, our Cool, Bold & Scrappy scheme is analagous – three in a row from the wheel of two secondaries and one primary. So, purple blue green's opposite would need to be (slight hiatus whilst I draw out a simple colour wheel) the complementary secondary colour to blue, hmmm orange. Sigh didn't need to work that out on paper, should have known!

    But I'm not convinced it would work.

    Maybe it depends on the dominant colour in the eventual quilt, then it could be the complementary to either purple or blue or green which would be yellow or orange or red respectively… But the above quilt doesn't have orange predominant and it still works…

    After breakfast I am going to play and see if that's true… Actually, I'm going to be good and do a couple of hours of studying Trust Law then play. Results will be on my blog in due course.

  3. Thanks for sharing

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