Wonky Houses

Posted by on September 26, 2010 in blocks | 8 comments

Here are my blocks for September. I really didn’t want to miss out on this round but I’ve been so busy with other swaps and craft group deadlines I barely had time to make these. I’d love to do a whole quilt of wonky houses someday so I had to be sure to get them done and at least have a chance at winning a few more. I love to make them though, they’re so fun. ^^


Oops! Looks like I left out some window. 0.o So I’ve updated the two blocks that were missing them and while I was down in the sewing room couldn’t help but make one more. ^^



  1. Jenn, I love all your houses … BUT, the guidelines specify that your house MUST have at least one WINDOW … only the house at the top (with the cool scrappy "sky") has a window, so I'm going to add that ONE block to the list and hope that you have time to rework or remake the other two blocks. Sorry.

  2. Jenn,
    I love your fabrics!
    Quilty hugs,
    Pat from FL & MI

  3. Ack! Fail! So sorry… I'll be sure to update them so I get "credit"!

  4. Sophie, They've been updated and I even whipped out another one. ^^ Not sure how I missed the window requirement…

  5. Jenn, I love your windows! I kept telling myself, windows are a must, but chimneys are optional. We all do that sort of thing sometimes and your 'fix' is super!

  6. Thanks Pat!

  7. They are just beautiful. I love the window housewife!

  8. Teesha, I showed them to a friend and she said (of the woman in the window), "She's so calm for being attacked by Mothra!"

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