The Block Lotto in print

Posted by on December 28, 2010 in blocks | 11 comments

I’ve kown for a while that it was planned for the Quilter’s World February 2011 issue … and when a few friends mentioned seeing it, I knew it was already out.  (I thought that I’d have at least until the end of the year to tidy-up the blog 😉

I made a trip to Joann ETC Sunday to get a copy, but I couldn’t find it and no one that was working knew how to find out if they carried it.

I called the Honey Bee Quilt Store this morning and when they said they had it, I made plans to go pick up a copy for “lunch.”After I paid for the magazine, I stood at the counter and carefully flipped through the pages until I found that familiar Block Lotto quilt/badge in the bottom right corner of page 10.I felt like a proud parent.

There’s a nice blurb about us in the side bar, titled, “Here’s what I’m reading online …” on the From the Editor pages.

Besides some interesting quilt and bag patterns, there’s also a pretty good article on how to subscribe to blogs and set up a feed reader.

We’re in pretty good company in this group of blogs mentioned, too.  I think it’s a nice bit of recognition for our low-key, word of mouth community and I hope it inspires more quilters to try new things and play along.


  1. Congratulations Sophie on this well deserved recognition! Participating in BL is a wonderful experience thanks to the conscientious participant and your amazing organizational skills.

  2. Neat! 🙂

  3. It's great to see the publicity for a quilt activity that I find loads of fun. I hope it brings in new participants. They'll find you do a great job of coming up with fun blocks. Thanks.

  4. HOW COOL!!! I think I got a subscription to that from my mom, if not I know SHE gets it and I will be visiting her soon, and maybe steal the copy =) or I guess I can go out and get my own. I love quilters world!

  5. WOW! You should feel like a proud parent. Hope I can locate that issue. Way to go Sophie!

  6. This is great!!!

  7. Fantastic! You've more than earned this recognition with all your hard work and dedication to Block Lotto! Congratulations!

  8. Yippee for you girl!!! Clapping…clapping!!!! Cheers to our 'famous' leader!!!!

  9. Standing ovation for our fearless and dedicated leader!

  10. woo hoo! Congrats, Sophie!

  11. You all are so sweet to give me so much credit … but without all of you, there could be no block lotto, so give yourself a nice pat on the back, too, for your part in creating a fun little corner for quilters in blogland.

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