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Posted by on January 1, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

I saved this image from another blog because I thought it might come in handy for beginners and others. It shows where the button is to add images (something we ALL do) and where the box is to add labels for your post.

You can use the labels to find a bunch of related posts.  In our case, if you use the labels I create for each month, we have an easy way to see all the posts related to the block OR just all the posts with eye candy.

Personally, I use the block name label when I’m looking for all the “I’ve mailed” and “I’ve received” messages when I’m trying to chase missing blocks and I use the month-year-photos label when I want to link to all the photos of all the blocks for a specific month.

Some other useful labels/links are:

Quilts – posts about quilts made from lotto blocks
Quilt Block Index – yearly posts with the list of the blocks we made and links to the directions and block photos
About the Lotto – posts about the Block Lotto
Brainstorming – posts about planning the future (with lots of great comments 😉
Blogging Help – posts like this one, with tips for blogging


  1. Thank you Sophie. I struggle with remembering what labels I have to add. I know I've seen it somewhere but a quick scan through 'blogginghelp' didn't find it. I looked at the previous few posts and made a guess based on their labels but realise that I am relying on them to know!


  2. I just thought about labels yesterday when I seen a list of them on someone elses blog. Thought, should I do that?? Since I am just starting, maybe that would be a good idea, so 4 years from now I can find what I am looking for. Thanks for helping me decide to label my posts.

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