Only the name has changed …

Posted by on January 1, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

This blog has served a couple purposes over time, the last of which is a place to blog quilt block and project patterns in a place that makes them easy to find  . . .  instead of mixing it up with everything else I blog about on my personal blog, sophie junction.

As the functionality of blogger expands, I am considering the possibility combining the two. In the meantime, linking them through their names seems a logical first step.

FYI, I also want to create printable/downloadable versions of the existing and future patterns, because I like to download and save things . . .  and I know I’m not alone.

Stay tuned 😉


  1. Great idea! I'll be 'staying tuned', LOL!

  2. You're right! You are not alone!

    Have a wonderful 2011!

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