1. When I went to my LQS's UFO night last month, I took a big ziplock of strings and made my blocks–I ended up making string rectangles for 10 blocks (because I goofed and didn't end up with the right numbers of right- and left- leaning string blocks) … and you couldn't even tell I'd taken any strings out of the string bag. I plan to make more strings for more hearts and other projects soon.

    FYI, I had already counted your blocks, but missed adding your name to the list. It's there now 😉

  2. Thanks Sophie – you'll notice I didn't donate my chances this month – I really like these – I think it's the dark background. Perhaps I will make some more if I don't win, to try to make a noticeable dent in that string scrap basket….

  3. OOOH, Kate… those are NICE! Glad I joined the group, I'll have to get right on making those Hearts!

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