A Video…Infinite Variety Red and White Quilt Show..NYC

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A friend at work just sent me a link to the beautimous quilt show that Sophie visited this past weekend, full of Joanna Rose’s 650 (of 1,000 owned) Red and White Quilts. Here’s the link – – – – The video has soft, calming stringed music as you view the lovely quilts….. so kick back (for 7 min. or so) relax, and enjoy….. Infinite Variety (Red & White -Quilt Show in New York) Happy Quilting!


  1. Did you already post this? They made an iPod ap for the show that is also free. It has all of the quilts on it and you can get it at the apple ap store. It's called infinite variety. At the show (amazing!!!) I was told they will produce a book in about 2 years.

  2. They made an iPod ap for the show that is also free. – – I posted this link sent to me by a quilty friend at work. I told her that I knew about this show via Sophie, but I not seen this video. This is someeone else's video, posted on U-Tube. Technology, ehh, how did we grow up without it? Enjoy. I found it so relaxing. I'd like to meet this lady in person. WOW. a real Quilt collector!

  3. This is the first time I've seen the video. Thanks, Rho. I think I did mention the iPad/iPhone app … and posted more about it on my sophie junction blog, here.

  4. Welcome! Enjoy!

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