Fabrics for April 2011

Posted by on March 20, 2011 in blocks | 7 comments

I know someone asked a while ago about fabrics for April.  I can’t promise to always post advance information about fabrics … but if I can find the time, I will try to give everyone a sneak peek at the fabric palette for the upcoming month.

Cream fabrics Green Fabrics Light-Dark pairs of Fabrics 

The April block is well-suited to be made from scraps (approximately 4 inch squares) or charms.  You’ll need:

Cream background fabric
Green fabric
2 Fabrics that are lighter and darker shades of the same color–any color, your choice, except cream or green

Any of the fabrics may be solid, tone-on-tone (TOT) prints or multicolor prints that are predominately cream or green or one of your two lighter/darker colors.

You can click the images above to get a closer look at some of the fabrics I used. I made my blocks almost entirely from scraps, but, if you choose, you can use the SAME CREAM and SAME GREEN in all your blocks.


  1. sounds intriguing 😉

  2. Thx for the peek Sophie – can't wait!

  3. After the restrictions of our 2-color blocks this month, I though we could all use a little more freedom and colorful scrappiness. I made 14 blocks today–yes, they are pretty quick–and I love the way they look on my design wall … too bad I can't share that image until the end of the week when the sneak peek email goes out.

  4. Yeah! I'm glad you posted this today. I have to get some other fabrics for a UFO today and it just happens to need greens.

    Sophie, did you get my e-mail? I'd love to post a pic of the blocks I made for this month's block lotto.

  5. Sophie, do the light & darks need to match as far as print or style? Your samples mostly seem to. I guess I'm asking can they be different prints. Will that work for what you have planned?

  6. Those could be misleading examples. They don't have to be matchy-matchy, but you want them to look good together. They will be adjacent to one another in the block. Besides the oda marble charms in my example fabrics, I also used batiks, multicolor prints, TOT prints and hand dyes in my blocks. I have a lot of TOT scraps and so my blocks reflect that. Your pairs will be a reflection of your scraps, your stash, your taste. The look we are going for is scrappy and so it's all OK.

  7. Thanks for this head's up, Sophie. Just a question, do the light/dark combinations have to be different fabrics for each block we make? Or I can wait for the sneak peak for the answer. Thanks.

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