Seriously, PLEASE check my work

Posted by on March 1, 2011 in blocks | 5 comments

I now KNOW that I missed several email messages with March block photos–it turns out, that the earlier you sent them to me, the more likely I was to have missed them because I was so sick I wasn’t checking email … for days.

If you made March blocks as part of the sneak peek, please double check that your name (and correct number of blocks!) is on the list in the left side bar.  Also, if you told me that you wanted to donate your chances and I haven’t made a note, please tell me again.


  1. good morning sophie, I sent in 9. Ive sent you an email to explain. hope your'e feeling better today. thanx. rho

  2. Sophie, I got 9 made also. I sent them in an email, kind of late on Sunday night. If you didn't receive it, let me know and i will post them here, unless you want me to anyway, i can do it later.

  3. Maybe we shouldn't name these "Disappearing" 4 patch! Hope you are feeling better. I had a relapse on Sunday, so I'd advise you to continue to get as much rest as possible.

  4. Sophie I did 2 for the sneak peak and sent you e-mails with attached pics.

  5. Rho and Caroline, I updated your numbers on the list. Rho, I think your mail message came after I was nose-to-the computer downloading and editing and uploading a bunch of photos. I apologize for missing it. Caroline, I actually did NOT receive your email … unlike quite a few others that I just simply missed when I was down with the flu. Janet, I DID receive your email with one photo attached and simply missed it. You mailed early which is normally good … but not when I'm really sick and not checking email.

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