10 leafed clover…

Posted by on April 1, 2011 in blocks | 1 comment

Well, 20 actually isn’t it?

Here is my ‘virtual quilt’.  I photographed them all separately for Sophie, but then forgot to take a group photo for my own records so I stuck them all together here.  They’re all on my design wall and they look so much better on point.

The two blue ones came up very yellow in the photos, but the backgrounds aren’t really that colour.  If you look to the block before of after them you’ll see the correct colour for the background.

These blocks were so fun to make, and I production-lined them whilst also making three Civil War blocks!


1 Comment

  1. These blocks would probably make great leader-enders to make while you were working on something else, wouldn't they?

    I loved the variety in your blocks (and figured those funny-colored backgrounds were related to how sometimes our cameras just don't capture color correctly–thanks for the reassureance).

    I've added your blocks to the list.

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