Reminder about Posting your Blocks

Posted by on April 1, 2011 in blocks | 4 comments

Remember, starting this month, everyone must post their own block photos, even if they have emailed the photos to me (during the sneak peek week).   Here are mine.

Look carefully and you’ll see my “humility” block, in which the LIGHT is incorrectly not on the LEFT.  I promise I’ll fix it before the blocks are mailed to the winners. 
These thirteen blocks, along with the one at the top of the Guidelines post make 14 for me.  I’ll donate my maximum of 10 chances and add the rest to sweeten the pot.
Edited to Add that the pink block on the right (middle row) has been ripped, rotated and re-sewn with the LIGHT pink on the LEFT.  It didn’t take long at all … and I can now say that I’m not asking anyone else to fix a block and do something I haven’t done myself 😉


  1. They look great Sophie… I must admit I wasn't sure when I saw just one but now I love them!

  2. I was removed as an author, so how would I post photos again?

  3. I love these blocks. They look great.

  4. Melissa, I have sent you email about author privileges. It's no problem to add you back in as soon as you have made blocks and are ready to post them.

    Julie, I am with you … this block is growing on me and I am now thinking of using it for a baby quilt a friend has commissioned.

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