one pathetic block

Posted by on May 14, 2011 in blocks | 4 comments

I’m just not feeling the love this month, so I might stop at one block — just enough to qualify for the sneak peek! I have pieces cut for a few more but I’m not making any promises…


  1. Someone recently won after making only one block … because you know it ONLY takes one chance 😉

    I've added your block to the list.

  2. it is NOT pathetic, I find it very pretty. I have not yet made any! And I want to join the group! We are in the middle of packing and shifting house.

  3. I like the scrappiness of this Block. I think I'll make some this week before the end of the month comes and I run out of time again.

  4. I am joining in with others who really like the look of this block. You really need to make a few more to really get the "love".

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