2011 Lotto Block Index

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In 2011, we made these blocks for the Block Lotto.

January – 10-inch Stacks blocks

Sophie's Stacks Block #4 Kate's Stack #2 MaryJane's Stack #3 All the Bright Stacks
Stacks Block Directions

February – 6 x 8-inch String Hearts blocks

Ellie's Heart #2 Wilma's heart #6 Shelley's Heart #6 All the String Hearts
String Heart Block Directions

March – 8 inch Disappearing 4-Patch blocks

Sophie's D4P Block #12 Cheri's D4P Block #4 Sophie's D4P Block #12 All the D4P Blocks
D4P Block Directions

April – 6-inch Modern Clover blocks

MB's Modern Clover #7 Pat's Modern Clover #4 Wendy's Modern Clover #1 All the Clover blocks
Modern Clover Directions

May – 9-inch Pineapple Blossom blocks

Julie P's Pineapple Blossom #1 Laurina's Pineapple Blossom #1 Sophie's Pineapple Blossom #1 All the Pineapple Blossoms
Pineapple Blossom Directions

June – 6 x 9 inch 3-Patch Rectangle blocks

LPB's 3-patch #4 Julie's 3-patch #8 Ginny's 3-patch #1 All the 3-Patch blocks
3-Patch Rectangle Directions

July – 8-inch (ish)  Liberated Checkerboard blocks

Cathy C's liberated checkerboard block #2 Toni's liberated checkerboard block #2 Jennifer S's liberated checkerboard block #1 All the Checkerboard blocks
Liberated Checkerboard Directions

August – 8-inch Violet blocks

Tina's Violet #2 Andra's Violet #3 Caroline's Violet #6 All the Violet blocks
Violet Block Directions

September – 8-inch  Curved Rail blocks

Ginny'a Rails #3H Michelle's Rails #7V Laurina's Rails #1H All the Curved Rails
Curved Rail Directions

October – 8-inch  Quilter’s Choice blocks

Cathy's Block #5 Vivi's Block #1 Cyndi's Block #1 All the Sampler blocks
Block Guidelines

November – 12-inch  Scrappy trips blocks

Jo #1 Wendy F #2 Maree #1 All the Scrappy Trips
STATW Directions

December – no lotto block

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  1. The pictures of the curved rail and trip around the world quilts are so awesome! They are inspiring me to get back to blocklotto and quilting!

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