Missing 3-Patch Rectangles !

Posted by on August 2, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

If the whole month of July got away from you or you misplaced your 3-Patch rectangles blocks and still haven’t found them or if you otherwise still haven’t (or only recently mailed) your June lotto blocks, please contact me ASAP.

I know that at least one June winner is still waiting for blocks. If you are a June winner who is still waiting for blocks and haven’t told me about it yet, please also let me know . . . and if you know whose blocks you’re missing, it’s a lot easier for me to chase them down.

This monthly activity ONLY works if everyone does their part.



  1. I'm late! I mailed mine to England last week, so they are late. Turns out sticking a post-it on the envelope that says "Take to post office" doesn't actually make the envelope take itself. I found it and was terribly embarassed. Sorry about that!

  2. I can not find a post where Karen S. in MN has received my blocks. I mailed from Texas to her on July 18. My other 2 ladies have received theirs

  3. I've not received all of mine. I'll send you a message when I get home from work and let you know.

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