Nov 2011 photos

Posted by on November 7, 2011 in blocks | 4 comments

Here are my sneak peak blocks. Hopefully I’ll get more made after my big “US Shopping Adventure” nest week. First time to try out the passport thing!
I like them but I think I need to invest in some black for the center lines, the blue is reding just a bit too light.


  1. very nice! Have a wonderful trips to the US.

  2. Musicmama, I haven't added your blocks to the sidebar yet as I'm not sure who you are (I don't have the big spreadsheet Sophie has). It would be helpful if you could sign your posts with your actual name!

  3. Sorry, katelnorth, I forgot this time and I do know better. I noticed they were missing from the sidebar and thought I'd better double check and realized then thatb the most important part was missing…my name.
    They were posted by Gwen
    there will be a few more coming this month, sitting on the sewing table as I post this correction.

  4. Thanks for letting me know, Gwen – I'll add them. I know we all forget from time to time – it happens – thanks for catching up with the missing info quickly…

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