1. Sorry, Shelley but you are too late–the deadline is NOON on the east coast of the last day of the month. The winners have already been posted.

    I know it's small consolation, but you are the third person who has either posted or emailed me with blocks after the deadline. Your blocks are great and if you choose to keep them as a start on your own scrappy trips, I'd understand … but if you would like to send them to on to one or two of the winners, let me know.

  2. Rats! I thought I would be, and I didn't check the site first to see what was up. I'll hang on to these. I went through the noodle bin and pulled all the 'short' noodles that were at least 16". I have quite a few more, so may make a toddler quilt with the rest. Nov/Dec are just such busy months for me…company, cooking and cleaning..that's all I seem to do. Till next time then.
    Hope all is well with you Sophie.

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