The Eagle has landed

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Houston … the Eagle has landed … and so has Benta’s plane 😉

We’ve exchanged the necessary email messages and I’ve put together the mailing info and sent it to everyone who made lotto blocks in November.  You all know the drill:

If you haven’t received email from me or have problems opening the attachment, please let me know ASAP.

If the number of blocks made attributed to you is incorrect, please let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, because of the glut of holiday cards and packages that will soon be clogging up postal systems everywhere, please send your blocks ASAP 😉

I don’t know why, after Benta’s plane landed (in Australia, lucky girl) I thought of that famous line, “The Eagle has landed.”  Isn’t it funny the things we remember (and those we do not 😉   If you aren’t old enough to remember Apollo 11 in the summer of 1969 and that “giant step for mankind”, you can read about it here.


  1. I remember…… 1 small step for man…..1 GIANT step for mankind…. rho

  2. 1969….I was almost 11 years old and my father was working for AC Electronics and personally delivered parts for the Apollo guidance system. He got a ticket and the part got a ticket and seat. That was the good old days of air travel with meals and adult beverages. Since the box didn't eat or drink, Dad got double. And you can bet we watched all of the coverage of the space flights on TV.

  3. Kiffissia Greece 1969 I was 18, recently moved to Greece, sitting in a kaffenia (cafe) sipping coffee with friends and watching the "giant step" on Greek TV. I was awe struck and very proud

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