Things to do while the Block Lotto takes a break in December

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As previously posted, there will be no block lotto in December.  Some of you will be glad because you’re so busy that you’d never have time to make lotto blocks anyway.  Others may miss having a lotto block excuse for a little me-time away from the hustle and bustle of the season.  For the second group, here’s some suggestions.


Have you won some lotto blocks . . . that are still just blocks?  Take them out, put them on a wall, spread them out on the floor, arrange and re-arrange them on your bedIf it’s been a while, you may find some new inspirationif not, it might be worth considering if you will ever want to do something with them. Maybe sewing them into a quick charity quilt or passing them onto someone else is the “something” you are meant to do with them–and I personally think that’s perfectly OK.

Now that I have a real design wall, I plan to pull out my “love letters” lotto blocks and all the wonderful rose blocks that some of you gifted to me and have another run at these blocks.


Everyone has formed an attachment to a block that they really wanted to win, felt they were meant to win, but didn’t.  It seems I say it at least once month, most of these blocks aren’t difficult and you can MAKE SOME OF YOUR OWN or convince some friends to swap with you.  this STILL a work-in-progress top is made from flying geese units from an exchange.  I can’t remember which came first, these swap blocks (we swapped individual geese units)  or the Jeweled Geese lotto blocks, but the setting was definitely inspired by the same quilt that was my inspiration for choosing the Jeweled Geese.

(And yes, I made many of these FOR MYSELF and may be making more before this project is finished 😉


If you enjoy the scrappy goodness we create with our lotto blocks each month, consider joining a block exchange or round robin.

For immediate gratification, you might consider the JOY swap with a deadline at the end of the month that Marybeth (MB) is hosting.  This example block photo is hers.    If you are interested in a longer term commitment, Julie (Floribunda) is putting together a round robin for 2012. 


I may FINALLY have a Christmas quilt for my bed this year, made from some very OLD swap blocks–those that have known me long enough, know that I am a recovering swap-aholic.  I am thinking of naming this quilt “In the Mood” because I figure with this busy contrasty quilt on my bed, there’s no way I won’t be feeling in the holiday spirit.

If you have holiday themed project, you will likely never feel more like working on it than now, so why not take advantage of that?   (or maybe that’s just me 😉  


Are your quilt projects all done or you want/need a new challenge and some inspiration?  In the last couple months of the year, you’ll find a lot of people talking about or kicking off some year-long challenge for the coming year.  A couple that have caught my eye are the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 and Judy Laquidera’s 2012 Color Palette Challenge.


If you have a blog, then you might put your creative energy into freshening up your blog … which I plan to be doing here and on my practically abandoned personal blog, sophie junction.

After the discussion about the new dynamic views and how the sidebars would disappear–at least until Blogger finds a way to put them back, since lots of people seem to be complaining about that “feature”–I mocked up a new page,  This Month, using November as an example, to see if I could create a “one stop shop” for all the info you need for the current month at a glance.  Please take a look and see what you think.   I also removed the forum page.  Since activity went from a little to none, my conclusion is we do NOT need that functionality here.


Will you be using your Block Lotto time this month for other quilt (or blog) projects?  I added a survey in the left sidebar, but feel free to share what quilting in December looks like for you in the comments.


  1. I wish I was finishing my Christmas Lone Star Quilt this year. I have another quilt on my Quilting Table that needs finishing before I can. I look forward to seeing the Block Lotto for January!

  2. so I just logged in & saw my JOY up there in the post! yes, please do consider joining our group's December swap, everyone is a winner (you send five blocks & get five different ones back). You can message me or go to our swap home on Facebook (search Quilt Block Swap, find the one with the JOY profile photo & ask to join).

    & thank YOU Sophie for all you did this year. I have my winning blocks spread out & I think I might even know what I'm doing with them. Maybe. I keep changing my mind.

  3. I have not even started yet, but I wanted to thank you for continuing this wonderful playtime.

    I, for one, will make a quilt like the one in the previous post since I didn't get a chance to send any blocks.

    I am lusting after so many things…….

    glen in Louisiana

  4. Thanks Sophie for an inspirationnal post! I would like to take some time to sew up a few gifts this month and catch up with things I've been putting off by lack of time. I will definitely look forward to the block lotto again in January if you are running it, but might be time limited with a new baby!
    Your "In the Mood" quilt looks gorgeous and I hope you'll finish it in time to enjoy it this Christmas.
    I went to see the "This Month" page on the blog and I think it is brilliant to have all the information you need on one single page, I definitely like it.
    Thanks again for everything you're doing for us. Take care and have a great holidays!

  5. Sophie, I love the "this month" page. Great Idea. Especially for people like me that can't check the blog everyday. Now I won't have to worry about missing key information.

  6. I love the "this month page" I'll be spending the month finishing up 1/2 done projects. Or at least getting a bit further along.

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