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Hello Everyone.  Sorry I did not post earlier but got busy with Christmas.  Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  I have received all of the foreign blocks from Celine, Kate N, Laurina and Vivi.  I am still waiting on the 3 blocks from Andrew.   I have made 6 more to make my quilt 6 across and 7 down.  Hope to have a picture of it to show soon.
Thanks to everyone and happy sewing. Debra


  1. Sophie had me switch and send my 3 to Jo in Oman. Debbie in Israel should be sending you her 3.

  2. Debra, I sent you (and everyone effected by the switch) an updated mailing info sheet on December 2. If you didn't receive it, let me know and I'll resend it.

  3. I posted on December 6 that my blocks were mailed to Debra. I know from experience that the mail leaves Israel right away. It gets to Europe within a few days. It's what the Post Office in the U.S. does with it when it gets there that apparently takes a long time. Maybe the holiday season is to blame, too.

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