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Copied and made my templates as soon as Sophie posted the information and then did nothing else until yesterday. With previous New York Beauty quilting experience, I was able to put together 12 blocks last evening. 9 for the lotto and 3 for my lotto scrap quilt , thanks again to Sophie and her great idea to keep all blocks the same size this year.
Really enjoyed making these and here they are.The other 3 are similar to the 2 greens and another mottled red.


  1. Your blocks look very well made, but I'm not sure that all your fabric choices are within the guidelines. I have questions about the 4 blocks in the lower right corner.

    • What color are they–they should be predominately a single color.
    • Would you call the purple and green flower print on white/cream bright and vivid?
    • In both blocks with the floral on cream background, the arc seems brighter than that background, instead of lighter.

    I will add the other 5 to the list–if I'm not seeing the 4 problem blocks correctly, send me a better photo.

  2. Not that I am important but I love that bottom right one is that frogs?

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