Let’s Play Hearts

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As we settle into our new home on Blocklotto.com and most of us start the trek up the learning curve of new ways of doing things, I wanted to keep the block choice easy so this month is:


The theme is HEARTS–it may be a heart block of a block with a heart element, like this Heart-in-Hand block.

The pattern choice is yours.  If you use a pattern that is online and can link it, please do.  This is Christine Thresh’s free pattern Heart-n-Hand which you can download from the Patterns page on her site.


The blocks must contain at least two colors from this list:

  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Gray
  • Cream

Fabrics may be solids, tone-on-tones, or multicolor prints that are predominately Pink, Orange, Gray or Cream. They can be lights or darks or something in between.  Here’s the stack of pinks I pulled from my scraps and stash to use.
Selection og Pinks for February 2012

Blocks must be 9 1/2 inches (to finish at 9 inches square when sewn into a quilt or other project by the winners.  They must contain a HEART as part of the design.

If you make an APPLIQUÉ block, you may use machine or hand appliqué techniqes, but NO RAW EDGES. In other words, all appliqué edges must be turned UNDER.

If you make a PIECED block, it should contain at least FIVE pieces

If you use Paper Foundation Pieced (PFP) technique, you must either use a foundation product that can be left in the quilt (or will wash away) OR you must remove the paper from the back of your block. Removing the paper will allow you to check that you have sufficient seam allowances and be able to trim any loose threads.  It will also allow you to make sure that the stitching will not pull out when the paper is removed.  If your PFP block has bias edges that may stretch, you can stitch alonf the edge of the block, inside the seam allowances, before you remove the paper.

Stitching on the edge

If you include EMBROIDERY in your block, it should also contain pieced or appliqué elements and the embroidery threads should be colorfast so that a quilt that includes your block may be washed without problem.

AS ALWAYS, the golden rule applies–please make blocks that you would be happy to receive.


  • You may make a maximum of NINE blocks for chances in the drawing.
  • If you make multiple blocks, you may use the block pattern for up to three blocks–so If you make the maximum of 9 blocks, you’ll need to make a least three different blocks patterns.
  • If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same cream fabric in all your blocks.  You may repeat the other fabrics, too, but avoid using identical fabric combinations.


Blog posts with photos of blocks or discussion about the blocks should be created in the BLOCKS category.  Posts about mailing or receiving the blocks should be created in the SENT AND RECEIVED category.

Please Tag your blogposts with these tags:

sampler 2012 -for blog posts about this month’s block


Here are the first blocks from Julie P, June, Kristin, Lauren, Pat K, Susan and me.  I was very late sending out the sneak peek last month and so, consider these first blocks, a virtual BABY quilt 😉

Sophie's framed scrap heart Kristin's simple heart Pat's stormy heart
Julie P's heart #3 Julie P's heart #1 Lauren's heart
Julie P's heart #2 June's heart Susan's heart

(I’m not sure what happened to the layout of those blocks–I’ll be back to fix it later)

It’s a great beginning, don’t you think?


  1. Oooh, I love your polka dots! I’m in such a dotty mood lately. I look forward to seeing more blocks, and making more myself. What good examples these are!

  2. WOW! I like ’em. They’re all so different. I love that kittycat block. Where did you find that one?

  3. As long as we include at least 2 of the colors Pink, Orange, Cream, and Gray, are there any restrictions on using other colors in the block?

    • The fabrics should be predominately Pink, Orange, Cream or Gray, but may contain other colors. If you look at the fabric, from across the room, you would see the Pink, Orange, Cream or Gray and not so much any other colors that could be part of the print design. Make sense?

      • Yes, that makes perfect sense. Don’t know if I’ll have time to join the swap this month, but maybe the end of the month will be more open than the beginning. Thanks!

  4. I’m trying to catch up here, I’m sure gonna get some 9 inch hearts in to be on the beloved blog list as an author again. Thank you for all the efforts, Sophie, it looks great!

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