my first post!

Posted by on April 6, 2012 in blocks | 4 comments

Hello to all!  Happy Easter weekend!  I am Sandra and this is my first post!

I am not new to quilting but I am new to actually making blocks and quilt instead of just collecting all the stuff to do it with, which is what I did for many years! I started making stuff a couple of years ago and now I am getting braver and joining swaps and quilt-alongs to spur me along!  It’s working!!

I found Block Lotto a few months ago and after  following it for a bit I thought it would be fun to join.

This months block really interested me, so I decided to make a few and here they are! I hope they are up to snuff!  I had a great time making them!



  1. they look great Sandra! Welcome to the group!

  2. Sandra, please look for email from me. I think I might have misplaced the email with your info and I had a question about your blocks. Thanks and welcome to the block lotto.

  3. Aren’t these blocks wonderful! I lobe them, hint hint hint to whoever pulls the winners! LOL.

    glen: welcome to the group, this is my second month participating and I want them all!

  4. thanks for the warm welcome gals!

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