3-D flowers being mailed today

Posted by on October 8, 2012 in blocks, sent and received | Comments Off on 3-D flowers being mailed today

I went looking for some fabric to bind a quilt yesterday and what did I fine sitting on the shelf?  My 3-D flowers….I forgot to get them ready and mail them last week when I was in town almost daily.  Now plans for this week to mostly just stay home.  But I pckaged then up and set them on top of my purse so when I do go out I won’t forget them.  My Chiropractor’s office called and said he already had my MRI report back (just had it done Friday) and so I am heading  in this afternoon to see him.  So the blocks will be mailed today.  Hopefully with most of the rest of the week at home i’ll make time to make the spilt stars.  I went out and bought fabric specifically for them, but that’s as far as its gone.  I’ve been on a quilting/ binding jag….completed 6 quilts in 8 days.  Going to put those split star fabrics in the washer now!

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