Sophie’s Six

Posted by on October 1, 2012 in blocks | 5 comments

If you make at least 4 blocks, you probably won’t be able to resist twisting and turning them and playing with layout options.

 Here’s one idea for a straight set arrangement.

Adding sashing adds a lot of possibilities.  If you are not so keen on solids, consider surrounding the blocks with a multi-color print.


  1. Cosidering adding multi-colors to that layout, I’d be curious to see how alternating the star block with a 9-inch half square triangle in the multi would work. You’d keep those bands of color and space the stars out, could be handsome!

    • I am planning to make some to mix with log cabin blogs with a similar idea 😉

      • Ooh! That would be even better!

  2. I like that placement. I played around with my digital image last night and decided that was a nice look. It’s nicer with the different colors.

    • Thanks. I have an idea for some large pillows using 4 blocks arranged with all the white (or not-white) in the center. If I make it happen, I’ll be sure to share here.

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