Blocks received and life is crazy!

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Did I remember to post my 9 blocks after the block was announced? I must have since the picture is in the gallery. I have received all but on of my House Block squishies, but I cannot say whose, because my list is at home and I am sitting in my husband’s hospital room. It has been quite a month. First my newlywed daughter was unable to get permission join her husband in Okinawa after their May 4 wedding. They had 4 days together before he had to go back. July 26 she became Mommy to her then 17 month old stepson when his birth mother abandoned him with a friend in OKC and then attempted suicide. Within a week she had temporary guardianship. And this Monday she was made legal guardian after a hearing where his mother failed to show up. So we now have a toddler in the house again. Quite an adjustment.
Then last evening while I was in town shopping my 10 year old, Ginger, called and said daddy wasn’t feeling good so he had JoeE (18) take him to the ER. My husband doesn’t go to the doctor…just about 4 times in the last 20 years, so I knew he must be hurting really bad. It seems he pulled an abdominal muscle last week when coughing. He had been feeling better until he stood up from the couch last night and felt a hot knife ripping sensation…worst pain of his life. Turns out he has pneumonia, and apparently he ripped a muscle and a hematoma formed, about 13 cm diameter. Right now he is in surgery having it drained. He will hopefully get to go home tomorrow.

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  1. Yes you posted your blocks.

    Oh Michelle! There are times when the acronym OMG really feels appropriate and as I read your message, I just kept saying out loud to myself, “Oh my God, Oh my God.”

    How lucky for that little girl that your daughter was still in OK and not in Okinawa after all and that she now has a loving grandma like you … but what a way to start a marriage and what a traumatic experience that little toddler is going through so early in her life. I’m so glad, too, that your doesn’t go to the hospital husband DID go when he did. I hope the surgery goes well and that he is able to come home, get lots of rest while he recovers and isn’t too distracted by the new toddler in the house.

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