THREE dbl chevrons

Posted by on January 4, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

I realize this picture looks like four double chevrons (OKay it is four double chevrons) but I realized afterwards that two of them are actually from the same fabric WHOOPS!  Specifically that chevron fabric (chevrons for the double chevrons, I am hilarious in my own head; apparently I found this especially funny…twice).

Please put these down as three to donate. But if you want to make a note that mine need to go to two different winners & then I could make sure the chevrons chevrons went to two different people…  Who are we kidding, I couldn’t even remember I had already made a chevron chevron the day before.

block lotto 2014-JAN



  1. I can remember that you need to mail to two winners if you can remember not to send one of them both blocks 🙂 I’m going to count them as 4 blocks, donated.

    • Note to self: remember to mail two chevron double chevrons to two different block lotto winners. check.

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