3 Beads for me.

Posted by on February 2, 2014 in blocks | Comments Off on 3 Beads for me.

Here are 3 beads for me. I had a hard time finding maroon in my stash, too. I just happened to purchase this paisley print with a fabric lot on eBay just a couple of weeks ago. Great timing!

For the applique, I used a technique with nonfusable (is that a word?) interfacing. Check it out on this YouTube video: Applique by Machine. It is a little longer than it really needs to be and the “camera work” is a bit comical. But she does a good job explaining things and doesn’t assume you know much. Which I always appreciate! It might make your seam a bit bulkier than it would otherwise be. But since you trim away the back I don’t think it makes a noticeable difference.

Sophie I really like this block! Great job, as usual.


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