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Blocks in recently from Vivi, Jude and Nann – thanks!  It’s a nice selection.

Nann, just wanted to say that first of all, I don’t know what RCTQ is, so I don’t think you know me from there -but I’ve been here for years, so maybe you recognise me from here!  Also, I know you paid a lot of postage on your package, and I’m not sure why – according to the US Post Office website, given the weight of your item and its thickness and value and so on, you should have been able to send it as First Class International Large Letter (or something like that) for just over $3  – $3.23 (this is what the other US one’s I’ve had in so far have cost).  If you have to mail internationally again, and they try to charge you $10, ask why!!  Sorry you had to spend so much…


  1. RCTQ was rec.crafts.textiles.quilting, a newsgroup. I used to belong to it. I wonder if newsgroups are still around…

  2. When I moved from Dallas to Austin a few years ago, I found the Post Offices in Austin seemed to be on a mission to make me pay so much more when I mailed lotto blocks and other quilty squishy things. It’s mind boggling how they get away with it, but I have lived in enough places across the US to know they each seem to have their own set of rules when it comes to charging postage.

    I think both you and Nann were active on the Quilting Forum in the past. Maybe that’s where you two connected in the past?

  3. Kate, it was a different Kate (as I learned when she posted recently to the RCTQ Facebook group.) “Kate under the pier,” and she and her husband were active Napoleonic reenactors.
    And, Debbie — newsgroups are all in Google now (Google Groups). At one point I was able to get RCTQ messages in a GoogleGroups digest, but I changed ISPs and couldn’t manage to re-up. No matter, thought — lots of spam messages and so many changes that it’s a different gang. (I was active from 1995 to about 2004. Then I discovered Stashbusters and other YahooGroups. I’m also a long-time (well, charter) member of an RCTQ breakaway group, the Magpies.)

    • Oh, yes, Nann. Now I remember the change to googlegroups. I now also remember not staying there long!

  4. Kate, thanks for the tip about postage.
    I need to ASK the postal clerk these days — I sent a quilt insured for $200. PO says it was delivered. Recipient did not get it. I sent in an insurance claim. PO says no, it ws delivered per their records and it’s not their fault that it was swiped from her front stoop. It turns out that the threshhold for having-to-sign-to-get-the-package is OVER $200. The clerk at my PO said, “If you’d insured it for $201 then a signature would have been required.”

    (The quilt was raffled, so the recipient is only out $10. I am offering her $10 in tickets for the organization’s spring raffle quilt.)

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