So just what color is maroon, anyway?

Posted by on February 6, 2014 in blocks | 3 comments

Dug into my scrap boxes yesterday for fabrics for this month’s block.  Yellow, no problem;  orange, got some of that, too; maroon…hmm.  My first thought was a reddish purple color, found one of those.  Then I looked it up online, where it is defined as a reddish brown color.  Found one that fits that description better.beads 1 beads 2  In the end I used them both – diversity makes good quilts, right?  So here are 6 for me, if the colors are okay.


  1. When Debbie suggested this color way, I looked up maroon, too, to be sure. I think another red color name, burgundy describes the color in your first fabric. For the Lotto, it’s close enough and will play with the rest of the various maroon-colored fabrics we’re using.

  2. I too looked up maroon! It was as I thought. More of my fabrics lean towards rust or burgundy. I may search for, and treat myself to, a couple of fat quarters of Maroon. If I can find any. But Sophie is right, the burgundy shades will blend right in. That is why I love Block Lotto. Seeing everyone’s choices!

  3. Maroon? I have gone to the store and had 3 different people show me Maroon as determined by them…each one is different! I sent my son into town ( too much ice for me to venture out) to the Good?/ expensive Quilt shop/sewing store and had him consult the ladies there…Hmmm the phone call came in, did I prefer a traditional or a contemporary pattern? “Just which ever one is Maroon is fine,” I said . When Harris returned with my fabric, it was yet again a different shade of red! So folks, I think we will have a ton of different shades of Maroon/red for this one! Diversity is Good! Right?

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