Double Chevrons…

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in show and tell | 2 comments



I put this together today from the chevrons I received from my January win.  I played around a lot with these (for me) and finally decided on a layout like this one above. This meant there were 4 blocks I couldn’t use, but those 4 will go in my orphan bag to go to Project Linus so something happy will happen to them at some point – if you sent me a block and don’t see it here, that’s where it went – I based it entirely on colour, so it wasn’t anything personal about the blocks (one of my own ones didn’t suit – the grey was too yellow and stood out)!  Anyway, next step is trying to decide if it wants a border and if so, what kind. And if I have anything suitable in stash. Which probably means it will sit in a pile for a  few weeks while I deliberate…


  1. It feels like many of the modern quilts don’t have borders as often. Maybe just a binding in brown, purple or grey?

  2. Nice layout. when I first saw it, I immediately saw Ms and 3s.

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