3 Sunrise Blocks

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The sunrise block has been a real effort for me. It could possibly even be a bit too advanced for a nearly beginner sewer. I decided to accept the challenge and give it a try in spite of my initial trepidation. ( I really wanted to buy some great Aqua fabric and this was my excuse) I am truly hoping my results are up to snuff. They are the best I could achieve. I did not clip the inside curves so, if the winner feels they want to pick them apart and redo them that will be possible. I am grateful for the opportunity this experience has afforded me. I will use this block in my MMQA.
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  1. Good attitude! I know this block is on the edge of being beyond the reach of some beginners … but I do think it’s worth the effort.

    • Thanks Sophie, It probably took me the same time as doing 8 chained Stars blocks to do these three…well four actually, one was so bad I will cut it into strips for my strips blocks and the fabric will look wonderful used there. I kind of felt like ” the little engine that could” while working this block…I kept saying…”I can do it, I can do it ” and finally did! I am not sure ,just how well but, as I do my MMQAL I bet I pick up speed and skill set. …I did eventually come to like the paper piecing for the precision on the rays and I will try it again with the Bars blocks I plan using for the green quilt I’m intending for my son. If I hadn’t seen your sunflower in progress, I probably would have given up on this one though…what with flipping the fabric and paper back and forth and sewing fold overs and the wrong way etc…I have to admit I got quite frustrated….then I’d take a break view your WIP Sunflower and say to myself It can be done… and try again…I am still blown away by that sunflower and your skill! Have a Great Day Sophie and thanks for setting the bar on this project without the Block Lotto I would never have stretched myself to this one!!! I feel kind of good about me just now.

  2. You did wonderfeul!

    • Oh, Jude thank you…I hope you win them then LOL…I know they are not perfect but, I kind of feel like I have taken this very big step and now I know I am ‘All In’…this isn’t a phase, this IS part of who I am now and as long as I can see and hold a needle this will be part of my legacy. When I read that back it sounded corny…but, it is true!

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