One June Block to Donate

Posted by on June 28, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

I just don’t see how I can get any more blocks completed before the end of this month. June just whizzed by and now company is coming to visit so, even though, I really really really want to make another block or two I don’t think it’s good form to go sewing up in my room with guests in the house!! LOL!!! So here is one at least to donate to the lottery. I first made an arc and well, I didn’t notice that I needed to put the setting for my printer to 100% – then I measured the background pattern and found it didn’t measure out to 7″ – Then I went and checked the printer settings on the computer………OOOPPPSSSS I needed to click the circle for “Print to 100%”…….DRAT!!!! anyway that has solved a mystery that has been bothering me about the block patterns!!! The other blocks I’ve made…..I noticed that there was a size discreptancy, so I drew the other blocks up in Electric Quilt Program….but I most admit I completely forgot about that little fact with the June Block…..SO any way my first attempt was a great learning curve!!!! Ok here’s my June Block. I read the tutorial but really didn’t know how to convert it to this block so I just sewed the half circle center in and the outer background. It turned out OK, not perfect, but OK.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. I think perfection is over-rated when it comes to quilting. We do this to have fun, right? Your block looks great.

  2. thanks for you kind words. and you are completely correct. having fun is more important than perfection! But if the two do happen to meet……that’s fun too!!! LOL!!!

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