4 Spokes (done in blues)

Posted by on July 20, 2014 in blocks | 1 comment

I have managed 4 spokes so far and found them quite fast as compared to the Rising Sun from last month. They turned out quite well and the size is accurate. This is one month where a few words must paint a picture. No picture available as my camera is somewhere North of Bancroft Ontario in Algonquin Park…hope some bear doesn’t find it and eat it …Darn….wish me luck in having someone find it and then contact me…one can always Believe…it might just happen but, for now, there will be no pictures…I’m going to give its’ return a chance before purchasing another camera. Have a wonderful time sewing and enjoy the summer!

1 Comment

  1. I hope your camera is found and returned. In the meantime if you or a friend has a smartphone and can snap a photo of your blocks to post … that would be great (posting a photo is required in order for your blocks to count for chances in the drawing … sorry.)

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