Two Spokes

Posted by on July 19, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

Have are my first two Spokes for July



So I’m thinking the purple is a bit too close in tone 🙁




  1. I think that there are a couple things going on with the purple block. Both fabrics have the same light color. There is less of that light color in the background, but enough that it blends with the spokes. The spokes fabric has a lot of the light value but also the darkest values in the block which confuses the eye a bit because in parts of the block, the spoke is lighter than the background and in other parts, the spokes fabric is darker than the background.

    I converted your photo to black and white to see makes it easier to see what’s happening–I don’t think it makes much difference whether you look at it in color or black and white because the colors in your fabric are so perfectly matched.

    All that said, if it were my quilt, I would include your muddled block. because of the repetition of design in all the other blocks, you’re brain will see the subtle spokes in your purple block, too. Muddled blocks like this one are often found in antique scrap quilts; while some might judge them imperfect, they add interest. Roberta Horton talks about them in her book, Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do

  2. I LOve the explanation Sophie, I thought at first Yup a bit anemic… then read this …I get it now and it would be a lovely bit to help make the over a
    ll story interesting.

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