Nine Window Blocks

Posted by on August 27, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

Here are nine window blocks from Michigan. It’s been a hectic month, with everyone coming to the beach for their last chance at summer. I managed a few hours at the sewing machine.Aug 2014 Block Lotto


  1. Your windows fabrics are fun and your blocks are lovely, but the important thing is … did you make it to the AQS show in GR?

  2. Yes, I spent two days at the show and got my eyes filled up with some great quilts. It’s only 35 miles away, so there is no excuse to stay away.

    My window blocks were fun to make and, just to make it even more fun, I decided that the white ones would be from “inside looking out” and the black would be “outside looking in.” I might up-size these and make a quilt for my little great-granddaughter. I have lots of novelties from years of charity baby quilts.

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