Oh I Finally got all 9 completed!

Posted by on August 30, 2014 in blocks | 1 comment

Oh my life has been very full this month. Lots of hard work and company have conspired to keep me from my sewing room. For a bit there I thought I’d never get all the blocks made for August. Mine is a happy ending thanks to the quick way these blocks go together I managed to steal a block (pun intended) of time to make the last 5 blocks to put me in the running for August Block Lotto! I really had fun finding the fabrics for these blocks. Thanks Sophie for all the fun you provide us!

9 August Block Lotto Blocks

1 Comment

  1. Your blocks look great. I think the problem you were having posting had something to do with the images … I uploaded the one you sent to me in email and was able to publish your post. Your blocks have pushed our total this month to 245 blocks.

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