Sophie’s Two X’s

Posted by on November 23, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

I thought I’d make more … but LIFE intervened and so I’m going to let go of that idea and post the two blocks I’ve made.

Sophie's 2 X-blocks

I’m donating the chances for these.



  1. I think it is Pretty darned marvelous to have a life! You just added to it! Have a brilliant week Sophie!!!

  2. Sophie! I just clicked the blued life button (to see if it did anything)! Oh my goodness you have certainly had a bad time of it! I really feel for you…what happened to you makes my recent fall pale by comparison…If I could be there to give you a gentle Hug and a Latte right this instant I would …you are being given it in my thoughts and heart. I am so sorry this happened Sophie. Please rest, allow yourself to heal and Do Not overdue anything Okay? I will be sending good positive Vibes your way.

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